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  • Fold-out Iron
  • Tilt-out Hamper
  • Shoe Cubbies & Boxes
  • Locked Drawers
  • Valet Rod
  • Full Extension Slide-out Mirror
  • Velvet Inserts
  • Frosted Glass
  • Crown Molding
  • Radius Shelving & Panels
  • Slanted Shoe Shelves
  • Decorative Hardware
  • Scoop-front Pull-out Drawers
  • Wine Shelves
Swivel-out Iron
Fold-out Iron
Tilt-out Hamper
Scoop-front Pull-out Drawers
Crown Molding
Decorative Hardware
Slanted Shoe Shelves
Frosted Glass
Radius Corner Shelves
  • Tie Rack
  • Belt Rack
  • Lucite Dividers
  • Baskets
  • Wooden Hangers
  • Pull-down Rack
  • Wrapping Paper Drawers
After you have designed a unit, make it truly your own by choosing from over 100 accessories. Pick as many as you would like in order to achieve the look and purpose you desire. Some of our most popular accessory choices include:

Obscure Glass
Radius Virtical Panels
Baskets & Liners
Baskets & Covers
Lucite Dividers
Shoe Boxes & Cubbies
Velvet Inserts
Lockable Drawers
Tie Rack
Belt Rack
Pull-down Rack
Valet Rod
Full Extension Slide-out Mirror

Wooden Hangers
Wrapping Paper Tilt-out
Metal Wine Rack