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Now that you have the ultimate in closet organizing systems designed and installed by Simply Organize!, just follow these simple closet rules to assure the “organizers high” that comes to all those who neatly fold:

1.  Hang separates such as skirts, blouses and jackets in groups of similar items to help you see more combinations. 

2.  Don’t stack or hang items that shed, like angora or mohair, near ones that attract, like corduroy or velvet. 

3. Don’t hide things away in drawers that can be easily folded and displayed on open shelves. 

4.  Don’t hang sweaters or knits—fold them to maintain their shape. 

5. Store shoes used for special occasions in labeled boxes on higher shelves.  Use lower shelves for everyday shoes. 

6.  Fold scarves flat and place on the shelf between your double hang sections. 

7. Belts with large or awkward buckles that won’t fit on belt racks can be coiled and stored on shelves. 

8. Store purses flat and loosely stuffed with tissues to retain their shape. 

9.  To avoid snags, store hosiery in clear plastic bags or dedicated hosiery drawers. 

10.  To avoid crushing or wrinkling, avoid placing too many items on a shelf or hanging area. 

11.  Don’t be hesitant to continually update your wardrobe by removing those items that you rarely wear or those that are out of date. 

12.  Experiment!  Move things around.  Try new ways to maximize your storage space while preserving the condition of your belongings.